We would like you to give some additional information about our blog and why we thought our topic about blues and rock music is important. These two music genres have a great following, but we feel it deserves more attention than that which it is already getting. Most consider these two music genres to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. What some may not realise that rock music and blues have some common elements. Such as both genres share the same instruments, such as drums and guitars. They both have vocals, and many times rock music has the same rhythm as what blues music has. To learn more about the differences, you will want to read the post we have prepared on this topic.

The Bands

One of our posts here is dedicated to bands under thirty. We chose this as a topic because we felt it would be of interest to both the young and old.

The Music

No matter whether a person favours rock music or the blues, it doesn’t take long before they form their favourites. Here we want to focus on some of the music that has become well known as best for the blues. For those who are just starting to take an interest in this type of music, we thought a great starting point would be to listen to these great tunes that we have talked about first.

About the British Blues Quintet

What we are all about here is further educating interesting parties about blues and rock music. There is so much more to be learned about this besides just listening and enjoying the music. The post that we have here explains in even greater detail what we are all about.

Ways to Enjoy Blues and Rock

Undoubtedly with today’s modern technology, there are so many different ways that blues and rock music can be enjoyed. Nobody has to be limited to when they can enjoy music such as this. To give you a good idea of one of the best ways to do this, we have prepared an article that talks about live streaming. If this is something that is new to you, then you are in for a great experience.

Other Options

Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in a rut when listening to music. To help overcome this, we have written a post that outlines a variety of different artists and bands within these music genres. You are sure to enjoy it, and it may give you some ideas for additional music choices.