Acts to Watch Under 30

Sky’s streaming service is brimming with genres that are not yet mainstream, but are slowly making their way back into the music industry. Here, we are talking about blues rock. The sheer size of the music collection means that it is not always easy to find something to listen to, due to the abundance of vast choices, of course. With at least one new song genre being added every day to the already packed collection, Sky’s cord-cutting services are now far much better served with big-name songs than most of their rivals. The team has also listed a group of ‘must-listen-to’ blues rock masterpieces.

Below is a list of acts under 30 years old, who are working to bring back the blues rock genre to the new upcoming generation of fans.

Some Bands under 30

1. Greta Van Fleet

Right now, Greta Van Fleet is among the blues rock bands with the highest momentum in the industry. They are among a surge of artists who are emerging to help this art form, especially in this age when blues rock music is noticeably limited on the radio playlist. Although their playlist is moderately modern, their songs actually get played on the radio, and they have quickly caught the attention of worldwide fans who are hungry for some good old-fashioned rock and roll. The most incredible part of it all is that all the members of the band are below 22 years of age.

2. Larkin Poe

This is a sister duo made up of Meghan and Rebecca Lovell. Their motto is to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of the blues rock music industry, while paving the way for a new generation of artists with original songs. Their hit title, Peach, which was released in 2017, received rave reviews and ranked them among the best.

The future of rock and roll is in good hands with leadership from these young acts.

3. Hannah Wicklund and the Stepping Stones

This is another act to watch. The band has undoubtedly emerged as a significant force with the release of their latest self-titled album, back in the year 2018. Hanna Wicklund is not even in her 20s yet, but is already an upcoming veteran, with her history-making move of forming a rock band at the age of just 8 years old.

4. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

Tyler Bryant is a young guitarist who first made his mark on the radar by featuring in the 2009 documentary, “Rock Prophesies,” where he was sought out as the best guitar player in the world by Robert Knight. That marked the beginning of Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, which has gradually become one of the best bands in the rock and roll music arena.