Music is entertaining and educative, but above that, music also has immense health benefits. Studies done have revealed that music enhances our mental, psychological and physical well-being in astounding ways. In particular, blues is popularly known for its expressive nature, that evokes an avalanche of emotions. Here are reasons why you should tune in to blues more often.

Improves Heart Functions

Listening to some good blissful blues has been associated with the effects of engaging in aerobic exercises. The music helps the heart pump fast which improves blood circulation up and down the body. When circulation is in full flow, body organs get nourished and function perfectly.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Blues triggers the hypothalamus to release hormones that calms down your breathing, slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. When you are more relaxed, you will sleep easier, deeper and longer.

Relieves Stress

When you listen to blues music, the level of stress hormone in the body reduces. Studies have revealed that people who listen to blues music have a better immune system than those who don’t listen to this genre.

Fights Depression

Besides lowering immunity, stress may also lead to severe forms of depression. By relieving stress, blues lifts up people who have shown signs of depression. The soothing nature of blues assuages the mind. Tune in to blues as you watch boxing streaming right on your phone and enjoy a double dose of fun.

Eases Pain and Anxiety

Most patients are anxious when they are about to undergo a surgical procedure. The sheer thought of it is scary and can be stressful. Studies have demonstrated that listening to a slow kind of music like blues relieves patients of anxiety and possibly, pain.

The health benefits of listening to blues can never be emphasized enough. Whenever you are down or having a bad day, play your favourite blues and drown your sorrows away.